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Fly Fishing & Friendship...


Seven lifelong friends head north each June to a remote cabin at the confluence of the Dead Diamond and Swift Diamond Rivers in Northern New Hampshire. What started as a single fly-fishing trip has evolved over 20+ years into an annual retreat to the mystical environs of Dartmouth's Second College Grant, far from the workaday world and vibrant with brotherhood, creativity and reflection. 


Fishing is only a part of their story. In a collection of intertwined essays from seven unique voices, the authors reveal how their friendships have grown deeper as their lives flow into middle age, with laughs, tears and insight into the intersection between humanity and the natural world. The reader comes along to experience New England wilderness wonders, stinky outhouses, original watercolors, floods, a wine tasting, a dramatic search and rescue…and fly-fishing for native brook trout.

“A bright and wonderful read!”  -Sydney Lea, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Vermont

“This book… is about the very meaning of friendship…”  -Mel Allen, Editor, Yankee Magazine

"Beautifully written - these are stories that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished."  - Franklin Book Award reviewer

Now In Its Second Printing


Honorable Mention 

New England Book Festival 2016

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